Surfboard Glassing


Surfboard Glassing by Jimmy Keith

Jimmy Keith is now offering a surfboard glassing service for Board Builders/Shapers. With over 20 years of surfboard shaping and glassing experience, Jimmy is one of the top shapers on the East Coast. He aided in the development of the Green Room / Aerialite epoxy system. Have your EPS or Poly blank glassed with S, E or WARP cloth. Unidirectional carbon fiber is also available.

Green Room Epoxy ensures:

  • State-of-the-art, environmentally conscious boards with better flex patterns and increased strength

  • Lighter weights than traditional PU/PE

  • Superior UV stability compared to other Epoxy Resin

  • Superior Strength compared to other Epoxy Systems

  • Chemical and mechanical bonds between Green Room Epoxy System, Aerialite cloth and Marko Foam eliminates delaminating


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