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Innovative Technology and High Quality Materials

 All Jimmy Keith Surfboards use EPS/Epoxy cutting edge technology. Every surfboard is constructed from the highest quality materials available. Marko Pressure Molded EPS Blanks, Aerialite and WARP cloth and unidirectional carbon fiber ensure consistency, durability, optimum flex pattern and a superior surfing experience.

Marko Pressure Molded EPS Blanks

NO CFCs – Unlike most other blank producers, Marko Blanks are manufactured without releasing CFC, HCFC or HFC gases. (CFCs are known to be harmful to the environment)



Molded EPS is non-toxic and complete inert. Chemical makeup consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; elements found in wood and other organic materials.

 • Lighter and stronger than the standard polyurethane blanks

 • Superior flex response compared to polyurethane blanks.

 • 100% recyclable EPS core

 • Closed cell, does not take on water

 • More consistent than hotwired blanks


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